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About the Farm

About the Farm


History of the Farm

River Bourne Community Farm CIC

Our founder, Benjamin A Parker MBE, was brought up on a small dairy farm in the Midlands during the 1960's.

Over the last 40 years, Ben has witnessed children becoming increasingly detached from the source of their food, the rural environment and their local communities.

Having spent some time working with social services in the Salisbury area, Ben reflected on his upbringing and felt that creating a working farm may give young people the opportunity to connect with animals and the environment in the way he himself had enjoyed in his youth.

In 2010 Ben opened River Bourne Community Farm as a Community Interest Company.

Ben led an enthusiastic team of local volunteers in clearing what was an appallingly neglected site before development of the farm could commence.


Soon after the site was cleared, volunteers then began to build animal shelters and storage buildings. Slowly the heart of the farm was created.

Today River Bourne Community Farm is a successful education centre employing full and part time teaching staff. It is home to a wide range of farm animals, and is a popular meeting place for the local community.


Hands on experience for volunteers continues to be an important focus of management planning, including helping with the day to day running of the farm, cafe, school visits, and at regular events.

Devenish Bradshaw info

The Devenish Bradshaw Charitable Trust Water Meadows

In 2018 the 54 acres of Water Meadows adjacent to the farmyard were acquired with funds generously donated by Peter and Maggie Bradshaw. As a result of their generosity it was possible to create The Devenish Bradshaw Charitable Trust in order to secure and manage the water meadows in perpetuity. The trust is committed to the preservation, conservation and protection of the land and its chalk valley riverine habitats.


The Water Meadows are made available to the River Bourne Community Farm CIC for educational, environmental and agricultural purposes. 

The Water Meadows are an invaluable asset for the farm’s education program with the ability to use them to teach primary and secondary students in agriculture, horticulture and environmentally based projects as well as for the benefit of visiting schools and local community organisations.


As the green lung between Salisbury and Laverstock Village, the local community are able to enjoy a peaceful walk along permissive paths running the length of the Water Meadows.

Find out more information on the trails here.

For more information about the management of the watermeadows, visit the Devenish Bradshaw Charitable Trust's website at

From left: Sir Christopher Benson, Benjamin Parker MBE, Mr Peter Bradshaw,  Mrs Maggie Bradshaw, Millie.

River Bourne
Patron & Directors
Giant Steps

Partner businesses on the farm


Giant Steps Day Nursery


Giant Steps Day Nursery is located in the centre of the farm where children’s learning is enriched by visits to the surrounding barns, animals, tracks and fields where they enjoy the outdoors and the surrounding countryside. It is wonderful to see them all around the farm having fun outdoors.

Visit their website at




Woodstock logo.JPG


Woodstock House operate a centre upon the River Bourne Community Farm site, offering mental health therapeutic services which include vocational training and meaningful day activities to vulnerable adults with a variety of needs.

Visit their website:

Two Wise Owls
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